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Spring 07 featuring Sara Kalvin

Omar D'Leon

The Color of Freedom
Artist Feature, Omar D’Leon

By Amy Jones
Photos by Dina Pielaet

Winter 2006

Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn
Living out the String

Story & Interview by Amy Jones
Photos by Dina Pielaet

Fall 2005


Flamenco Dancer Ventura

Flamenco Fever
A Gypsy in Ventura
La Farrona de Califas aka Ana Galindo

Interview by Amy Jones
Photos by Dina Pielaet

Summer 2005

Vc Life and Style

A Closet Latino and How I Became One

Story and Photos by Michael Lindsay

Summer 2005

"PARADISE LOST" as it appeared in the Spring issue of vc Life & Style magazine.

Written by Amy Jones- All rights reserved ©2005

For La Conchita Relief Information click here


Biggest Baddest Voodoo Daddy-Oh Click here.
Let these musical photos take your for a ride.

Winter 2004

When Breath Takes Shape. vc Life & Style Featured Glass Artist - Teal Rowe
Click here
. Let the story be told.

Winter 2004

Vintage Ventura Postcards-Click here. Take a glimpse at a local collectors postcard view of Ventura California.

Winter 2004


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