Ventura Life is El Rey
summer issue featuring kevin costner
Spring featuring Mary osborne
spring featuring rosalee measures
winter featuring doug friedlander
fall07 featuring Shu Ming
Spring 07 featuring Sara Kalvin


Ventura Life Magazine- Ventura County's Magazine! a gorgeous, full-color publication celebrating Community, Personalities, Arts, Environment & Passions. We can design AWARD winning ads for our clients if you need an original presence...and for those of you signing up with us for a year (4x Placement) design and photography is at NO EXTRA COST! VLIFE offers at least 132 full~color, premium pages to thousands of households.

VENTURA LIFE MAGAZINE explores personalities and day-to-day activites that make our city not just a place, but a state-of-mind. From downtown to the harbor, from the surf to our beautiful hillsides, this is Ventura's Online and Inprint keepsake publication.

ONLINE- ALWAYS! VLIFE is presently getting downloaded over 9,000 times a day. With a readership over 340,000 each issue (and rising) by a well researched and targeted audience and YOUR AD forever linked to your WEB SITE in our online version, you are Bound to get hits!

Please contact our office: 805-641-9303
with any advertising questions:
Amy Jones, Publisher

(cell) 805.804.7167

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ONLINE & INPRINT: Reaching over 340,000 readers with our delivery of our dynamic electronic version.
-YOUR AD linked to your website from free GREEN Dynamically delivered thousands and thousands of households monthly. 9,000 downloads a day.

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-116 Glorious pages of full~color, cover to cover.
-Agency designed and built custom ads with a 1 year contract...[View our gallery of ads]
-Celebrating & buidling community
-Promoting business
-Supporting the arts, events & charities
-Collaborating with local photographers & writers
-Online support for our advertisers


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